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By Number: 1. Aretha Choi 2. Boram Kim 3. Jessica Frazelle 4. Kevin Green 5. Molly Sugar 6. Wesley Turner-Harris 7. Angel Ng 8. Kevin Kneifel 9. Patrick Kunka 10. Peter Kang 11. Yvonne Weng 12. Cindy Leong 13. Betty Chan 14. Lee Khleang 15. Andrea Horne 16. Jane Song 17. Scott Polhemus 18. Zack Lerner 19. Lucas Ballasy 20. Sei-Wook Kim 21. Sylvia Gacek 22. Angela Hum 23. Matthew Ortega 24. Marianne Do 25. Linda Kong 26. Diane Wang 27. Jan Cantor


Studio Size

Large (21+)

Year founded




Studio Bio/Philosophy

Barrel is an interactive agency in New York. We create websites and web applications that help our clients achieve their goals and build their brands. Since 2006, our company has established a strong culture and process to deliver effective and impactful user experiences to our clients’ customers.

The Team

Barrel has 28 people. Of those, 2 are studio heads and 5 are managerial.

15% of studios are large-sized (21+ people).

Gender Breakdown

43% male

57% female

Average height


Shortest: 5’1”
Tallest: 6’2”

Average age


Youngest: 20
Oldest: 31

Number of freelancers/year


1-5 are long-term freelancers

Number of interns/year


Average: 1-2

Studio Disciplines

Breakdown of Work



Primary Specialties

  • Branding & Identity (77)
  • Interaction Design (36)
  • Mobile Design (30)
  • Web Design (59)
  • Web Development (25)

Clients’ Industries

  • Education (40)
  • Fashion (45)
  • Finance & Investment (26)
  • Real Estate (24)
  • Technology (37)
  • The Arts/Cultural Institutions (71)

Barrel’s Clients

Peter Kang, Principal


Age 30, Male, from Edison, NJ, United States, lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Formal education is undergraduate degree (Columbia University).

What’s been the biggest influence on your design career?

I love the design thinking of 37signals (the makers of Basecamp) and their emphasis on good copywriting as interface design. I've also always been a fan of Paul Rand and his approach to design and problem-solving.

Years in Design Industry

8 years

Average: 17 years

Industry before design

Finance at Lehman Brothers

Sei-Wook Kim, Principal


Age 28, Male, from Rockville, MD, United States, now lives in East Village, New York, NY. Formal education is undergraduate degree (Columbia University).

What’s been the biggest influence on your design career?

Around 2005 the shift towards table-less and standards-based HTML made a huge impact on the detail of design that was able to be created. From that point web design took shape as a discipline with a focus on fundamentals like grids and typography.

Years in Design Industry

8 years


The Space

The studio is about 4000 square feet. It’s rented and they’ve been there for 1 year, 1 month.

Number of times moved


Total people in space



  • Bike storage (26)
  • Cleaning service (44)
  • Coffee maker (53)
  • Dishwasher (24)
  • Elevator (54)
  • Free booze (28)
  • Free drinks (27)
  • Free snacks (27)
  • Freezer (43)
  • Large format printer (19)
  • Library/book collection (67)
  • Photo/video equipment (45)
  • Ping pong table (6)
  • Private bathrooms (34)
  • Waiting area / reception (26)
  • Whiteboard (23)

Number of conference rooms


Client meetings held in studio: Always

Number of plants


Type of chair



Books and bookshelves, Our work, Poster artwork

Desk Policy

To each their own: some keep their desks tidy, while others like it messier.

Working Days

Working week

The work week is 40-49 hours/week, core hours are 10:00-6:00, with the first in at 9:30am and the last out at 8:30pm.

50% of studios work 40-49 hours/week.
The average is 40-49 hours/week.

Busiest Time of day?

It’s high intensity all day



Plays music for 40% of the day at a quiet volume.

Side Projects

ProjectFlow, Launch Effect, MixItUp, Seasons Shopify Theme, DPM Connect

42% of studios have side projects.

Biking to work


127 bikers across all studios

Pick your poison


Overall Noise Level


36% of studios are quiet

Extra-curricular activities

volleyball league, flag football league, in-office yoga classes

Working groups



Work from home?

A couple times/month

Encourage freelance work?


Internal studio meetings

A couple times/week

Lunch Habits

Everyone eats together

Studio Outings

Attend conferences, Day trips to museums, Day trips to the movies, Dinner, Drinks after work, Weekend trips, Ski trip

Studio Rituals

BourbON Fridays, Expensive Wine Wednesdays (sometimes)


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