aesthetic portrait
photo portrait
Left to Right: Jason Lynch, Eric Fensterheim, Wen Ping Huang, Mary McCormick, Margaux Le Pierrès, Ambika Roos, Josh Smith, Radhika Unnikrishnan, Julia Zeltser, Deroy Peraza


Studio Size

Medium (6-20)

Year founded




Studio Bio/Philosophy

Hyperakt is a Brooklyn design studio with a passion for creating work that effects change in the world around us: meaningful design for the common good. We work with clients who fight for justice, celebrate culture and diversity, spread knowledge and engage in social entrepreneurship.

The Team

Hyperakt has 10 people. Of those, 2 are studio heads and 2 are managerial.

24% of studios are medium-sized (6-20 people).

Gender Breakdown

40% male

60% female

Average height


Shortest: 5’1”
Tallest: 6’3”

Average age


Youngest: 21
Oldest: 36

Number of freelancers/year


1-5 are long-term freelancers

Number of interns/year


Average: 1-2

Studio Disciplines

Breakdown of Work





Number of studio projects


Pro-bono projects



50% Strategy

50% Execution

Primary Specialties

  • Art Direction (58)
  • Brand Strategy (42)
  • Branding & Identity (77)
  • Environmental Design (38)
  • Exhibition Design (33)
  • Illustration (45)
  • Information Graphics (41)
  • Interaction Design (36)
  • Motion (29)
  • Packaging (45)
  • Print (75)
  • Product (23)
  • Web Design (59)

Outside the scope of the studio

  • Industrial Design (35)
  • Mobile Design (16)
  • Typeface Design (20)
  • Web Development (43)

Clients’ Industries

  • Education (40)
  • Healthcare (18)
  • Local & community organizations (41)
  • Sports (22)
  • Technology (37)
  • The Arts/Cultural Institutions (71)

Hyperakt’s Clients

Deroy Peraza, Co-Founder/Creative Director


Age 35, Male, from La Habana, Cuba, now lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY. Formal education is undergraduate degree, primary design education is mentor (John Blackford).

What’s been the biggest influence on your design career?

Charles & Ray Eames, Massimo Vignelli, Lance Wyman, Paul Rand, Stanley Kubrik, The Beatles, the city of Barcelona, Rem Koolhaas, Paula Scher, Otl Archer, Steve Jobs, Saul Bass, Otto Neurath, Erik Nitsche, Cassandre, Raymond Loewy

Years in Design Industry

13 years

Average: 17 years

Industry before design

Rubber Stamp Salesman

Teaching Design

  • Parsons The New School for Design — 4 years

Board Member on Professional Design Organizations

  • AIGA — 5 years
  • AIA — 1 years

Time spent designing

30% actual

50% desired

Julia Vakser Zeltser, Co-Founder/Creative Director


Age 35, Female, from kharkov, Ukraine, now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. Formal education is undergraduate degree, primary design education is school (Parsons School of Design).

What’s been the biggest influence on your design career?

Being in NYC has had a huge impact on me as a designer. Where else can one be exposed to such diverse art scene -- museums, street art, and art community? While professionally I have been inspired by the clean and modern aesthetic of Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass, Paul Rand, and most of Swiss graphic design, it's the experimental, ever-changing design work by graphic designers and design agencies such as Milton Glaser, Sagmeister & Walsh, Marian Bantjes, Studio Dumbar and Wolff Ollins that excites me most.

Years in Design Industry

15 years

Time spent designing

50% actual

50% desired


The Space

The studio is about 1200 square feet. It’s rented and they’ve been there for 8 years.

Number of times moved


Total people in space



  • Bike storage (26)
  • Cleaning service (44)
  • Coffee maker (53)
  • Dishwasher (24)
  • Espresso machine (23)
  • Free booze (28)
  • Free drinks (27)
  • Free snacks (27)
  • Freezer (43)
  • Garden (8)
  • Library/book collection (67)
  • Photo/video equipment (45)
  • Private bathrooms (34)
  • Whiteboard (23)

Number of conference rooms


Client meetings held in studio: Approximately half

Number of plants


Type of chair

Herman Miller, SAYL


Books and bookshelves, Our friends' artwork, Our work, Process materials for ongoing projects

Desk Policy

To each their own: some keep their desks tidy, while others like it messier.

Space Satisfaction

We love it, it’s perfect

Working Days

Working week

The work week is 40-49 hours/week, core hours are 9:30-6:00, with the first in at 9:30am and the last out at 7:00pm.

50% of studios work 40-49 hours/week.
The average is 40-49 hours/week.

Paid Vacation

11-15 days

41% of studios in this range

Paid Holidays

14 days

Average: 7

Work Weekends?


Take Summer Fridays?


Busiest Time of day?


Favorite Typefaces:



Plays music for 70% of the day at an average volume. Currently obsessed with Daft Punk, The National, and most played over the last year is Beach House, The Shins, Edward Sharpe, Jack White, Yeasayer, Dirty Projectors, Phoenix.

Side Projects

Lunch Talks, Neighborwoods, Champions Ring, Smidge Co., Refugee Project, Local Character, Nite Flix

42% of studios have side projects.

Biking to work


127 bikers across all studios

Pick your poison


Overall Noise Level


59% of studios are average

Working groups





Work from home?

Once a month

Encourage freelance work?


Internal studio meetings

A couple times/week

Lunch Habits

Eats in small groups

Favorite delivery/take-out: Nectar, Court St. Grocers, Smith Canteen, Avlee

Eat out for lunch?

Once a week

Favorite sit-down lunch: Frankie's

Critiquing Process


On-screen reviews

Studio Outings

Attend conferences, Day trips to museums, Dinner, Drinks after work, Weekend trips, Birthday Lunches

Favorite Place(s): Frankie's


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