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Row 1: James Plattner, Chris Dina, Emily Tam, Jeanne Henry, Julie Park, Brandon Kennedy, Anna Sharp Row 2: Jenny Uchida, Brandon Kennedy, Laura Varacchi, Kamdyn Moore, Jonathan Posnett, Alyssa Weinstein, Jess Mackta Row 3: Paula Richards, Ki Chung, David Gibson, Brandon Kennedy, Ann Harakawa, Prosper Budu-Biney, Andy Ng Row 4: Sam Cox, Matt Roth, Sharmi Patel, Michelle Cates, Brandon Kennedy, Erin West, Linzi Eggers Row 5: Meredith Bergmann, Brandon Kennedy, Jeanne Henry, Jennette Cheung, Pedro Mena, Jen Vitello, Brandon Kennedy


Studio Size

Large (21+)

Year founded




Studio Bio/Philosophy

Two Twelve develops sustainable, user-centered designs to help people understand an increasingly complicated world. We design to engage, inspire, and solve real communication problems. Working in collaboration with our clients, we create meaningful, elegant, and sustainable designs across a range of media: we call it Design for a Better Experience.

The Team

Two Twelve has 28 people. Of those, 2 are studio heads and 10 are managerial.

15% of studios are large-sized (21+ people).

Gender Breakdown

32% male

68% female

Studio Disciplines

Breakdown of Work





Two Twelve’s Interactive work encompasses two-way systems of communication within physical environments, as well as digital communication tools.


48% Strategy

52% Execution

Primary Specialties

  • Art Direction (58)
  • Books (52)
  • Branding & Identity (77)
  • Editorial/Publication Design (51)
  • Environmental Design (38)
  • Exhibition Design (33)
  • Experience Design (33)
  • Information Graphics (41)
  • Interaction Design (36)
  • Mobile Design (30)
  • Motion (29)
  • Print (75)
  • Typeface Design (25)
  • Web Design (59)

Clients’ Industries

  • Education (40)
  • Finance & Investment (26)
  • Healthcare (18)
  • Local & community organizations (41)
  • Media & Publishing (58)
  • Real Estate (24)
  • Retail (43)
  • Sports (22)
  • The Arts/Cultural Institutions (71)
  • Transportation (9)

Two Twelve’s Clients

Ann Harakawa, Principal


From Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. Formal education is graduate degree, primary design education is school (Yale University).

Previous Design Employment

  • Takenobu Igarashi Design
  • Eiko Ishioka Design

Board Member on Professional Design Organizations

  • Art Director’s Club (ADC) — 8 years
  • Design Trust for Public Space — 1 years

David Gibson, Principal


From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, now lives in Lincoln Park, Jersey City, New Jersey. Formal education is graduate degree, primary design education is school (Yale University).

What’s been the biggest influence on your design career?

My Yale education introduced me to the broad sweep of the design profession and the different ways that designer can intervene in the social and business landscape.

Previous Design Employment

  • Eskind Waddell

Teaching Design

  • Philadelphia University of the Arts — 3 years

Board Member on Professional Design Organizations

  • Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) — 4 years
  • AIGA — 3 years


The Space

The studio is about 5000 square feet. They’ve been there for 12 years, 6 months.

Number of times moved


Total people in space


Number of plants



Books and bookshelves, Our work, Photos, Process materials for ongoing projects

Working Days

Working week

Core hours are 9:00-6:00, with the first in at 8:00am and the last out at 8:30pm.

31% of studios work 50-59 hours/week.
The average is 40-49 hours/week.

Take Summer Fridays?


Busiest Time of day?

It’s high intensity all day


Pick your poison


Overall Noise Level


36% of studios are quiet

Extra-curricular activities

Green Team, Fantasy Football League, and Baking

Working groups



Internal studio meetings

A couple times/week

Critiquing Process


On-screen reviews

Studio Outings

Attend conferences, Drinks after work, Team building activities

Favorite Place(s): MOMA Queens, Citifield, Any NYC Cultural Institution

Studio Rituals

Studio Sessions, Lunch Labs


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  • #filloutyourtimesheets
  • #findthehiddenlogic
  • #greenteam
  • #lunchlabs
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  • #nottoscale
  • #partycave
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